Contract Management

We implement a comprehensive reporting system, which will track and record all aspects of contracted activities. These reports will be kept and made available to the customer upon request throughout the contract performance period and for the period of three (3) years after the end of the contract. We track daily, weekly and monthly reports in the following critical areas:

Status of Training. This daily report provides an update on the status of training and includes any corrective training measure taken or identified for future use. This report helps establish a basis for trend analysis to enable trainers to anticipate problems in future classes and resolve them ahead of time with solutions.

Training Shortfalls. This daily report provides an update on any problems related to training, including logistical or transportation failures and scheduling conflicts. This report helps the trainers and logisticians identify shortfalls and develop solutions to prevent them in the future.

Personnel Status Report. This daily report provides a quick visual confirmation of the status of ISS staff, students and subcontractors. All staff will be identified by name and their status (on training, on leave, in Kabul, sick in quarter’s etc.) will be noted.

Weekly Situation Report. This report will contain an area security analysis, covers all training conducted during the reporting period, and also contains a summary of the status of training.

Significant Activities Report. SigActs reports are generated whenever a significant exception to established plans and procedures occurs. SigActs are generated on an as needed basis to keep people informed of significant events.

Serious Incident Reports. These reports are generated as they occur following a “who, what, when, where, how, why action was taken” format. These reports can be generated when there is an injury or death to any member of the project team; rounds fired not in training, rounds received; loss of protective equipment, firearms, ammunition or communications gear, or when the security coordinators deem it necessary to generate a Serious Incident Report in consultation with project management leaders.

Incident Reports. Incident reports will be used to document any security-related incident. Incidents may include suspected surveillance, casing, or intelligence gathering, unauthorized intrusion, weapons discharge, demonstrations, IEEE’s and other threats or events deemed relevant.

Quality Assurance. We provide one highly qualified (1) Training Manager (TM). The TM will actively monitor all aspects of training activity, act as the single point of contact and ensure that all objectives of the training mission are accomplished. The TM will observe, monitor and supervise all classes on a rotating basis and provide constant vigilance over the quality of services provided to ensure that all services adhere to all required standards.