- Personnel Support -

Our team of former military and other governmental agency personnel are Elite Trainers, Instructors and Mentors, who are focused to plan, program and implement the reforms of the Minister of Interior in order to develop a stable Afghanistan, strengthen the rule of law and rebuild Afghan national and local infrastructure. Below are some examples of the types of personnel support we can provide.

Training/Program Manager (TM): The TM will actively monitor all aspects of training activity, act as the single point of contact and ensure that all objectives of the training mission are accomplished. The TM will observe, monitor and supervise all classes on a rotating basis and provide constant vigilance over the quality
of services provided to ensure that all services adhere to all required standards.

Mentors: Will provide guidance, support, instruction and training to key leadership within the Afghan national infrastructure.

Primary Instructors: We have instructors and a pool of personnel identified for immediate mobilization that are available for surge to meet increased training requirements. All Primary Instructors have an Alternate Instructor identified. All course materials are provided in English and Dari.

Logistical Requirements: We can meet requirements via internal mechanisms and our teaming partners in Kabul.

- Training Courses -

We provide a variety of courses to meet the customers specific needs and requirements. Our team assesses the customers requirements and designs and/or implements professional courses that produce optimal results. Below are some examples of courses that we offer.

Basic Courses of Instruction

      • Case initiation and development
      • Confidential Source recruitment and handling
      • Interview and Interrogation
      • Intelligence collection and exploitation
      • Evidence collection and processing
      • Report writing
      • Use of technical equipment
      • Surveillance
      • Legal instructions for Officers
      • Ethics and Anti Corruption
      • Firearms – pistol and rifle
      • Raid planning
      • Officer safety and survival
      • Prisoner and detention techniques
      • Vehicle stops and searches
      • Self defense
      • Ethics and anti corruption
      • Basic first aid
      • Land navigation
      • Vehicle operations

Advanced or Specialized Course of Instruction