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Overview of Services

IAS has pioneered new and innovative IT & E-Commerce solutions for both commercial and government customers. Providing a customer with a solution from the ground up that is equally accessible and reliable has become an integral part of our services portfolio. IAS has engineered solutions that are versatile enough to service limited demands, while maintaining the ability to grow into a system that is capable of servicing the most rapidly expanding, and significant corporate requirements.

Our experience in the areas of client/server applications, data/systems integration, network center management, business solution outsourcing, telecommunications, records management and other specialized technologies have been recognized by such clients as the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency, U.S. Dept. of the Army, U.S. Air Force, Central Command, Defense Intelligence Agency and U.S. Wireless Corporation. Whether engaged with the Defense Department on the migration of legacy structures, or with the private sector on reengineering network access, IAS delivers cost-effective and sound solutions to optimize and extend the life cycle of your systems. IAS is proud to posses the ability to offer each of our customers the very best of the following IT & E-Commerce services:

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Information Management

Information management is continually changing. Maintaining volumes of paper documents has become an uneconomical and inefficient way of storing and accessing data. Businesses today are migrating towards managing their information electronically. It is now a greater need to have real-time access to archived information. It is key to ally with a company that understands this and has the experience to help you with your growth.

IAS is the contractor you need. Our solutions are tailored to support each customer's needs. Through our analysis and strategic alliances, we are able to provide the most personal IT support offered. Our areas of specialization include:

Consulting: Our services are geared to provide the best possible solutions for both IT-based records management and physical storage of documentation. This includes system assessments, product evaluations, records management plans, and more.

Systems Integration: We can integrate entire information systems, including multiple commercial off-the-shelf hardware and network infrastructure equipment to include secure web-enabled, electronic document and multi-media management systems.

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Network and Communications Engineering

If you desire immediate access to your information, the ability to make quick and reliable decisions based on that info, then you need IAS's veteran network and communication professionals to deliver what you need. Dynamic, innovative and comprehensive solutions are what we provide.

It is essential that your network and communications systems have the best possible infrastructure to efficiently conduct your business. IAS offers this level of engineering through the following support areas:

Network Design and Consulting: IAS's expertise in the engineering of networks and communications solutions, include:
  • Architecture engineering
  • Infrastructure assessment
  • Configuration management
  • Implementation and security planning
  • Performance monitoring for both voice and data systems
Installation and Integration of Hardware/Software Systems: IAS has successfully executed every stage of integrating large and complex networks, from assessment and architecture planning to maintenance and support. We are proud of the unyielding quality of our installation and integration experts for establishing our impressive record of integrating and deploying systems that work the first time you log on. We specialize in the integration of legacy and client/server information systems, as well as those systems using the Internet. Additionally, we provide asset management, preventive maintenance, troubleshooting and remote diagnostics.

Our services include:
  • Network site surveys
  • Physical and logical planning
  • Hardware acceptance testing
  • Equipment staging
  • Wire and cable installation
  • Component installation
  • Customer training
Telecommunication Management: IAS is able to provide complete voice and data management services for local and nationwide implementation to include:
  • Planning
  • Infrastructure design
  • Facilities coordination
  • Establishing and maintaining contracts
  • Security
  • Wire and cable installation
  • Equipment inventory management
  • Voicemail network management
  • Operation monitoring
  • Teleconferencing
  • Directory services
  • Systems procurement
  • System administration (VPS/PBX/Routers-Hubs)
  • Maintenance coordination
  • Help Desk
  • Billing verification and analysis

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Comprehensive IT Support

IAS incorporates some of the most progressive methods to guarantee that our customers receive the support needed to accomplish their goals. Through the valued years of experience we have in providing end-to-end solutions, IAS has the indispensable technical knowledge to tackle your IT challenges. Our ability to incorporate this knowledge with our business experience can ensure that your information management systems work accurately, effectively, and efficiently.

Our support services include the following:

Program Management: Our ability to effectively manage various programs ensures that contractual obligations are always fulfilled. Our management abilities include:
  • Subcontractor management
  • Staffing responsibilities for various projects
  • Ensuring availability of required resources
  • Managing and scheduling the delivery of services and products
  • Financial status tracking
  • Tracking and reporting of program/project status
Network Management: Our experience in network management can provide comprehensive solutions and support of all LAN/MAN/WAN environments. IAS professionals are able to provide 24/7 uninterrupted support that includes the fundamental management of the network, scheduling of all maintenance and upgrades, monitoring and reporting of network and security performance, capacity and configuration management, and most importantly problem resolution and backup system operations.

Application Operations and Maintenance: IAS is able to provide their clients with the highest quality support in all areas of software application implementation, from initial conception and planning, through improvement and conversion, to maintenance. We have extensive experience with off-the-shelf product installation and customization, custom applications, databases, and Web-enabled systems. Our services include:
  • Web-based Commerce Systems
  • Distance Learning Systems
  • Data Center Management
  • Secure Electronic Processing
  • Inventory management
  • Operation monitoring
  • System administration (VPS/PBX/Routers-Hubs)
  • Maintenance coordination
  • Help Desk

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E-Commerce Development

IAS E-Commerce solutions combine the technical, operational, branding and marketing elements required to deliver truly superior results that will strengthen customer relationships, increase and improve brand awareness, increase sales and contribute to competitive advantage.

Because each IAS solution is conceived, planned, executed, developed, deployed and maintained to meet the specific requirements of each unique application, our clients receive a solution that reaches and exceeds their goals. The industry-standards based, cross platform solution is entirely modular, providing our clients with the freedom to choose what they want, when they want it. Our E-Commerce solutions work within your existing infrastructure and internal skill sets, making it easy and cost-effective to deploy and maintain without the pain and resource strain often created by major development efforts.

By providing the structure, programming logic, administrative control, graphic design and data exchange capabilities required to deliver a complete solution, IAS E-Commerce solutions are ideal for organizations seeking to gain more from their interactive channels. When planned and executed properly, our clients will realize an improvement in operational efficiencies, receive accurate, secure and profitable transactions, gain and retain delighted and loyal users, become empowered by utilizing easy site management tools, and reinforce or enhance existing product and company branding.

IAS can build E-commerce environments in OsCommerce, X-Cart, Zen-Cart, Shopsite, Yahoo! Stores, EBay Stores, WebSphere, and customized E-Commerce solutions developed from the ground up.

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Seat Management

IAS supports nearly every seat type from desktop and notebook computers, LAN servers, printers, network components, to telephones. The guiding force in seat management service performance is identifying parameters and requirements for each "seat" type required by the customer. Because IAS takes the time to know and understand our clients business operation, our programs are exclusively customized to reach each customer's unique objectives by delivering the following services:

Customer Support: IAS offers help desk support, either remotely or on-site, desk side support and hardware maintenance. Our method of troubleshooting "to the desktop" allows us to identify and repair software problems even from off-site locations. In the event a component or system should fail, our hardware maintenance technicians can perform numerous on-site repairs, even if it means replacing an entire system. We are prepared to return the customer to full operation with the least amount of down time.

Asset Management: We can do everything from assessing the needs of each client necessary to set up and maintain their systems, and we have the purchasing power to do it. IAS does it all. We identify and acquire either off-the-shelf hardware and software, or customize and develop our own to meet your individual needs. We are capable of producing ready-to-go configurations for desktops, notebooks, servers and network components that have been thoroughly tested for client use. * Shipping and uncrating are all handled by our team who inventory, inspect, set up, test and integrate the products.

Infrastructure Management: Our ability to combine Operation Center resources and on-site personnel provides a variety of services, which include configuration, security, performance, accounting and liability management. Customer support has always been the keystone of our services, whether it is guaranteeing system integrity, defining performance parameters, or tracking help desk response rates, a customer is always aware that they are our number one priority.

At IAS we are aware that total service is the lifeblood of all IT providers. We provide total solutions to our customers by boasting several innovative services. They include:

Training: By starting with a training requirements assessment, we are able to provide customized tracking schedules, which include cost effective and personalized computer based multimedia-training formats. We offer both on-site as well as remote classroom training.

Design: IAS provides network design support to identify requirements and solutions for complex and multiple network requirements.

Planning: To guarantee stability for our customer's future, we provide analysis and planning of all potential migration activities, schedules, site surveys, inventories, and reconciliation.

Installation: All our customers receive a total solution from IAS. From start to finish we include installation at each and all customer-specified locations.

Online Ordering: IAS develops customized products and services to meet individual customer needs. We have taken full advantage of electronic commerce technology and are capable of Web-enabling your ordering process.

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Web Based and Database Applications

Partnering with well-respected and reliable companies, such as Attachmate, has enabled IAS to increase the value of the services we can offer to our customers. Through our partnerships, IAS has been able to enhance the effectiveness of Web-Based applications that so many of our customers desperately require. The Web-Based application and Web Database solutions we provide prove to be not only effective management tools, but promote greater control of corporate assets, information, and expenditures in real time mode. Development and support activities include:

* Please see our past performance for more specific IAS capabilities
  • Requirement Analysis
  • System design
  • Interface design
  • Software development
  • System testing
  • Government acceptance testing assistance
  • Implementation
  • End-user support

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Wireless Communication Services

IAS offers an extensive range of wireless communications services. Our professional experience in this rapidly expanding and challenging industry include fixed and wireless network design and implementation, network maintenance, telco analysis and administration and site acquisition services.

Wireless and Fixed Networks: Providing the customer with a reliable and scalable network is critical in this competitive industry. IAS offers full support for designating, planning for and implementing the customer's network requirements that will provide ultimate performance, functionality and scalability. IAS considers the network design a vital component of the customer's overall operation. Our experience with the various cellular digital and analog protocols such as AMPS, CDMA, TDMA and iDEN enable us to present the customer with the network design that is most appropriate and cost effective for their unique requirements.

Maintenance of the network is another important aspect of the customers wireless communications operation. IAS has the ability to support the customer with all their network maintenance requirements. We offer follow on analysis of the network, present upgrade recommendations, and we can provide project management and network security services as part of our total wireless services package.

IAS can assist the customer with the often time consuming and administratively intensive telco procurement and maintenance requirements. IAS has constructed a customized database that allows the customer to monitor the ordering, delivery, performance and costs of the customer's telco operation.

Site Acquisition: Site Acquisition is a unique aspect of the wireless communications industry. IAS can provide the experienced personnel to perform all the tasks involved in the site acquisition process for wireless communication systems. We can assist in site planning, identifying preliminary site possibilities, develop lease negotiation parameters based on the specific targeted geographic region, and research local ordinances and zoning concerns. Working with the customer to develop a site acquisition strategy based on these factors promotes a more efficient and cost effective site acquisition process.

The IAS site acquisition team works in coordination with site construction personnel and the network team in order to reduce the number of site visits. This process promotes efficiency in the prioritization of the site candidates. We can perform all aspects of lease negotiations, the construction of the lease document and language, lease options and ultimately executing the lease agreement. Obtaining zoning and construction permits is another important aspect of the site acquisition service IAS offers. IAS will research, pursue and obtain all required permits and attend all necessary agency meetings in order to ensure compliance with local ordinances.

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