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Workflow Automation

How much paper does your organization use? Has the amount increased or decreased since you've become "automated"?

If you're like most of us, increased reliance on information systems has created a bigger pile of paper to plow through everyday. Do the promises of the "paperless" office that pervaded the sales literature when you purchased all of the computer hardware and software, now seem like nothing more than a slick gimmick? Don't feel bad, you're not alone. While most organizations now rely on computers and software to carryout the chores associated with day-to-day business, most have not realized an appreciable time savings or increase in productivity.

Does the following scenario sound familiar? You want to take a couple of vacation days, so you open the electronic leave form in your word processor, fill it out, print it, sign it, walk over to Human Resources, and place it in the "In Box" of the person who handles vacation days. Later that day, the HR person looks at the form you left, checks the HR software application to make sure you have enough vacation days on the books, sees that you do, key punches the number of vacation days you'll be taking into the HR application, then sends you an email to let you know the vacation request has been processed.

This process or a variation of it happens at most organizations on a routine basis and represents a "best case scenario". What happens if your printer is broken and prevents you from printing the completed form? What if the form you left at HR gets stuck to another piece of paper and is thrown in the trash? What if the HR person has 9,999 other pieces of paper to process before they get to your request? What happens if you get snowed in while on vacation and need to stay in Aspen for a couple more days? The end result of these "What if" questions boils down to a delay in processing the request for vacation and more manual work to do.

Let us propose another scenario: You want to take a couple of vacation days, so you open your web browser, select the vacation form link from your corporate intranet site, fill out the form, press the submit button, go on vacation to Aspen! All of the work of checking to make sure you have enough vacation days remaining and key punching the number of days into the HR application is done automatically. Even if you need the approval of someone else to take vacation days, the process can be accomplished without generating one piece of paper!

IAS, we won't promise you that you can stop buying paper. We will promise that we can help you become a "Less-Paper" organization. Here is what we can do for you:
  • Electronic forms, routed electronically using Lotus Domino, or Microsoft Internet Information Server, and your web browser.
  • Seamless integration between applications.
  • An automated workflow process you can live with.
  • Maximum reuse of your existing legacy information systems using Attachmate's Host Publishing Server
  • Plan for future modifications. 1-year, 5-year, 10-year plans.
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